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Stop The Struggle!

Are You Struggling with Funnel Setup? Let Me Take your Frustration Away!

Getting your funnel setup should not be hard. Let me take the hassle and frustration out of funnel setup so you can focus on growing your online business with confidence.

I totally understand that the funnel tech is hard. This is completely new to so many people, and sometimes thing just don't make sense. But fear not, because at HelpSetMeUpServices, we specialize in making the complex simple. With our expertise and personalized support, you can say goodbye to the overwhelm and hello to a seamlessly functioning funnel that drives results.

I'll Take The Hassle Out Of Fixing Your Sales Funnel So You Can Focus On Sales


Funnel Fixes

We understand that somethings you just can't get things to work right. This is where we shine. With a quick consultation, we can usually determine exactly what the issue is and fix it for you.

Email Marketing Integration

We'll assist you in connecting your funnel with an email marketing platform, setting up automated email sequences to nurture leads and drive conversions.

Automation Setup and Fixes

We'll help you set you your automations and ensure they are properly integrated into your funnel. We'll handle the technical aspects, from setting up triggers and actions to creating effective workflows that automate your marketing and sales processes.

Funnel Setup

We can handle the complete setup of your sales funnel, ensuring all the necessary pages, integrations, and automation are in place for a smooth customer journey.

Payment Gateway Integration

We'll integrate secure payment gateways into your funnel, enabling you to accept payments effortlessly and provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Even after your funnel is set up, we'll be there to provide ongoing support, address any technical issues, and make necessary updates or optimizations to ensure your funnel continues to perform at its best.

Don't let getting your funnel setup hold you back,

Pick the fix that works best for you.





  • 1-on-1 Zoom Call to identify and evaluate the issue.
  • Typically turn around time is 12hrs to 1 day.
  • Includes 1 fix no matter the time to takes to fix the issue.
  • Fixed or Your Money Back Guaranteed.






  • 1-on-1 Zoom Call to identify and evaluate the issue.
  • Want your standard fix faster? Use this!
  • Priority turnaround. Turn around time is normally less than 1 hr.
  • Includes 1 fix no matter the time to takes to fix the issue.
  • Fixed or Your Money Back Guaranteed.





  • 1-on-1 Zoom Call to identify and evaluate the issue.
  • Typically turn around time is 12hrs to 1 day.
  • Includes 3 fixs no matter the time to takes to fix the issue.
  • Fixed or Your Money Back Guaranteed.
  • Save $20.00 over buying 3 single fixes.

Need Monthly Support?

We have you covered! Sometimes you just want to have someone you can reach out to immediately and get your issue fixed right away or maybe you just have a question that you need answered. Our monthly service plan is designed to provide you with peace of mind and continued assistance. With this plan, you'll receive the support to ensure that your funnel is running smoothly and effectively. We'll handle any necessary adjustments, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and keep your funnel optimized for maximum performance.




/ month*

  • 1-on-1 Zoom Call to identify and evaluate each issue.
  • Unlimited Funnel Fixes!
  • Submit unlimited tasks per month.
  • 1 task can be completed at a time.
  • Each task will be worked on for up to 1hr per day.
  • Fixed or Your Money Back Guaranteed.
  • * 2 Month Minimum required.

We have the answers!


So how exactly does this work?

First, select the plan above that works best for you. After you pay, you will be directed to form so you can describe what the issue is. You will then be taken to a calendly link where you can schedule your fix with me. Once your appointment is made, you will get a confirmation email with your details.

Once your appointment time is reached, we will jump on a zoom together and go from there.

What type of fixes does this include?

Our service includes whatever is needed to get your funnel working. If for whatever reason we cannot fix your funnel, we will give you full refund.

How quickly can you address any issues or problems that arise?

Depending on our schedule, we can usually address your issue the same day or the next day.

How long will it take to fix my issue?

We have over 10 years experience developing, creating, and fixing funnels. Our experience allows us to diagnose the issue fairly quickly and usually fix it in under an hour. In some cases it may take longer, but in most cases we can fix your funnel in under an hour.

What if I need the fix right now?

We understand that time = money and sometimes you need it done RIGHT NOW! In that case, please select our Priority Fix above. We can usually jump on a zoom with you and get the issue fixed right away.

What if it's outside of Normal Business Hours

Depending on what the issue is, and how busy we are, we can sometimes accomidate you outside of normal business hours. This is on a case by case basis. Place a Priority Fix order and you will get instructions on how to contact us outside of normal business hours.

What platforms do you work on?

We have experience in almost every funnel builder out there. The most common ones we work with are, Clickfunnels, Groove, Kajabi, & Kartra If we have not used that funnel builder, chances are we can still help you out.

What does your service NOT include?

Our service does NOT include any design or layout work for your funnel or emails.

Select Your Perfect Plan

Once You Fill Out Your Details Here and Complete Your Purchase, You will be directed to a form to tell us about your issue, as well as a calendar to schedule your fix with us.

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